How does my[fair]product work?

The team behind my[fair]product believes, that, in the future, people will discern fair and unfair products. We consider fair products as such, if we can acquire comprehensive information about their becoming and their sustainability. is the platform, where this is going to happen - worldwide.

  • Are you interested to understand, how companies act globally? And why they do it like that?
  • As staff member, do you feel affected by unfair company activities? Or are you proud of your company and you want to make it public?
  • Or have you personally observed certain company activities that you want the world to know - be it good or bad?

my[fair] is convinced of the dialogue: It is important to ask companies for a statement and give them the chance to make their standpoint clear. You can do this on All questions will be forwarded to the companies and, in addition, my[fair]product asks the companies to answer the questions on the website.

What does it help, if companies prepare a meaningless marketing statement?

Dialogue is great, but not every dialogue leads to the desired transparency. Thus, as the asking user as well as any other user of, you can rate the quality of an answer - and, of course, ask further questions, dig deeper. By the way, the importance of questions can be rated, too - hence, it might be worth it to ask your friends to support your questions. The easiest way to do so is using the link for sharing a question that comes with every question.

Why should companies engage in this game of questions and answers?

The good answer is: There are countless companies, that do good. But they miss a credible platform to present themselves appropriately. Your questions give them a chance to do so on In addition, dialogue creates confidence. And the customers' confidence is an important factor for lasting success. For all other companies: No answer is the worst answer.

What is all this good for?

Every year, millions of people are busy to write tens of thousands of sustainability reports. Still, people die at work or get ill, children suffer, the earth is being affected irretrievably, companies deceive etc... At the same time, a growing number of companies make a considerable effort to act sustainably - and there is no central source to get informed about all these processes and to pull it together with companies and products, not to mention a personal buying decision.

From time to time, journalists reveal single activities and publish it in print media, TV or internet. Wouldn't it be reasonable, if, in addition to that, we bundled the findings of all interested or concerned people and all others who know something and, by this, create a worldwide basis of information?

With its global grassroots approach, is this basis of information. So, every single question on contributes to create transparency and makes the global supply network more fair and more sustainable.