Bonded labour - What are excessive recruitment fees for you?
Apple Inc.

On page 15 of your “Supplier Responsibility – 2014 Progress Report” you write that there are certain countries in which your suppliers employ foreign contract labour. Within this context you inform about the practice that brokers offer jobs to foreign workers in exchange for money. I support your understanding that too high recruitment fees are comparable to bonded labour and your position that you want to prevent those cases. However, I would like to know more about those cases. Therefore, I ask the following questions and would be happy to receive some answers: Can you please name the countries that are (mostly) concerned, both with regard to the recruited workers and the seat of the suppliers? How many cases of excessive recruitment fees have you uncovered? You write you make rigorous checks. How do they look like? Are they announced beforehand? How high were the fees to be paid by the employees that you found excessive? Please put the figure in comparison to the monthly salary. Can you present a case? Do you know cases in which brokers or suppliers took the passports from foreign employees? What consequences did you or would you take in such cases? Is there a complaint system which allows for the workers of your suppliers to address you directly in order to report any misconduct of the particular supplier?

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Daniel Thu, October 29, 2015, 11:49 UTC

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