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Nike outsources its manufacturing to OEMs all over the world. Many factories are located in countries that do not have proper safety regulations, exposing employees to safety hazard. What steps is Nike taking to prevent events like the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh? On 24 April 2013, Rana Plaza, an eight-story commercial building, collapsed in Savar, a sub-district in the Greater Dhaka Area, the capital of Bangladesh. The search for the dead ended on 13 May with a death toll of 1,129. Approximately 2,515 injured people were rescued from the building alive. It is considered the deadliest garment-factory accident in history, as well as the deadliest accidental structural failure in modern human history. The building contained clothing factories, a bank, apartments, and several other shops. The shops and the bank on the lower floors immediately closed after cracks were discovered in the building. Warnings to avoid using the building after cracks appeared the day before had been ignored. Garment workers were ordered to return the following day and the building collapsed during the morning rush-hour.

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esgherald Thu, October 29, 2015, 14:06 UTC

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