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Do you want to make the world fair?

Do you think some organizations don't work fair? You want to do something about it, but don't feel strong enough on your own? Or do you think certain organizations are fair and want to encourage them? At my[fair]product you can do both, together with a growing community, in dialogue with organisations. Because this is about you, about organisations - and about fairness in value creation.

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Does your organisation seek dialogue with people?

Is fairness appreciated in your organization? Do you treat suppliers, customers and employees fairly? Would you like to know what people think about your organisation, what works well and what can be improved? In a dialogue: direct, focused, without distracting each other with marketing messages? Then you have come to the right place. Present yourself at my[fair]product - because this is about fairness in your value chain.

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What is my[fair]product?

The often cited power of the consumer is limited. There is a lack of financial clout. In addition, information deficits play an important role. People constantly come into contact with shortened or otherwise distorted marketing messages. Clarification with credible information for a better understanding of economic connections is missing. It can be integrated into the fast-moving everyday life only rarely.

However, organisations are active: companies, for example, introduce improved standards, integrate fair business practices and establish fair networks. But they also suffer from common marketing mechanisms: they lack suitable channels to inform efficiently and credibly about their activities. my[fair]product closes this gap and brings people and organisations together on fairness issues in business.

myfairproduct.com is an internet platform on which organisations, e.g. companies, associations or foundations, inform about their fair activities and people enter into dialogue with organisations about these activities. As an information and dialogue tool with the possibility of evaluating content, my[fair]product makes the extent of fairness in value creation visible and contributes to the debate on the future.

I want to help shape the future!