What are you interested in? Fairness Topic, Organization, Product?

You want to make the world a fair place?

Do you think some organizations are not fair? You want to change something about it, but don't feel strong enough? Or do you find an organization especially fair and you want to encourage them? With my[fair]product, you can do both, together with a growing community, having a dialogue with the organizations. Because, here, it is about you, about organizations - and about fairness in the value chain.

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Does your organization seek dialogue with people?

Fairness means a value for your organization? You treat suppliers, customers and employees in a fair manner? You want to know what people think about your organization, what goes well, what can be improved? Having a dialogue: direct, focused, without distracting each other with marketing messages? Then you are right here. Present your organization on my[fair]product - Here, it is all about fairness in your value chain.

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What is my[fair]product?

The consumers‘ financial clout is a popular and often mentioned argument, still, it is limited. The individuals‘ financial impact is just not big enough. Another reason is a lack of information. While people are flooded with shortened or in other ways manipulating marketing messages, proper education based on credible information is missing. Only rarely, people manage to gather such information in their fast moving daily life.

Still, organizations do their job: For instance, organizations improve their standards, implement fair business practices, establish ties with fair organizations. But they also suffer from prevalent marketing understanding: they are missing appropriate communication channels to inform about their activities efficiently and credibly. my[fair]product bridges this gap and brings together individuals and organizations to inform about and discuss fairness topics in the economy.

myfairproduct.com is an internet platform, on which organizations, e.g. organizations, inform about their fair activities and individuals enter into the dialogue with organizations to discuss those activities. As a tool for information and dialogue, including the option to vote on any content, my[fair]product uncovers the degree of fairness in the value creation and contributes to the debate about how our future should look like.

I want to help shape the future!

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