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How does my[fair]product create transparency?

Sustainability reports

Sustainability reports

Many organizations are already striving to create transparency and to act sustainably. Experience your stories on my[fair]product.

Dialog at eye level

Dialog at eye level

my[fair]product sees itself as an independent mediator who wants to open a dialogue on sustainability issues.

What can I experience on my[fair]product?

Ask questions

Change the world by asking! You wonder behavior of organization? Then get in touch with them and just ask them.

Questions supported

Give a question your support, Sodas we can better get heard by an organization. After 10 supports, we forward a question to an organization.

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Supply chain tracking

Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are. Find out whether an organization acts fairly through transparency in its supply chain, customers and partners.

Find fair products

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How can I know that a product is really fair? my[fair]product wants to close this gap by better comparability of fairness aspects.

What does organisations wirte on my[fair]product?

What is my[fair]product intended for?

All Countries

In an interconnected world, fairness knows no national boundaries and must be placed in a global context.

All Topics

Fairness and sustainability have many facets. my[fair]product covers all topics, from climate protection to human rights.

All Industries

Sustainability must not only take place in one industry, which is why agriculture plays just as important a role at my[fair]product as the manufacture of smartphones.

What distinguishes my[fair]product?

Fair financing

A variable contribution ensures that the participation of an organisation does not fail because of the costs.


my[fair]product relies on a broad spectrum of organisations and is thus independent of individual actors

Open standards

Through open standards, my[fair]product makes a contribution to a transparent economy.

Data protection

Transparency of organisations is important, but we are allowed to keep our thoughts secret.