Benefit from the credibility of my[fair]product as an independent intermediary


Many well-known internet offers suffer from a lack of credibility as a result of economic optimisation and the resulting dependencies. my[fair]product differs fundamentally: it dispenses with common, supposedly smart business models and limits itself to its role as an independent intermediary. In this way, my[fair]product creates credibility with all parties involved - for the benefit of all participants and a future-oriented debate.


my[fair]product reflects its own activities in the successful implementation of the following five elements: (1) Dialogue: my[fair]product is convinced of dialogue. Dialogue means asking questions, listening, thinking, understanding. (2) Equal rights: my[fair]product regards all participants as equal. (3) Materiality: All topics, all countries, all industries. In this way, the platform reflects everything essential to fairness. However, essentiality also excludes the insignificant: Customer service inquiries or classic advertising. (4) Impartiality: my[fair]product wants to mediate and promote mutual understanding. For this purpose, my[fair]product identifies with all participants. (5) Value neutrality: my[fair]product is value neutral. Organizations and people negotiate current and future fairness values among themselves. my[fair]product provides the platform for this.

Complexity and Diversity

The earth is complex: events and habits of individuals as well as organisations are not easy to interpret. This makes the earth very complicated, but my[fair]product sees great value in it. Our future is not a playing field for simple or even false promises - only the worldwide variety of people and organizations, thought patterns and activities guarantees that the best ideas for our future will emerge. my[fair]product makes diversity possible by giving all organizations access to the same technical features on the internet platform regardless of their annual contribution and their financial strength, allowing them to present their fairness activities in a comparable way.

Simple Pricing

Dialogue is the basis of every meaningful debate. my[fair]product invites people and organisations worldwide to discuss fairness in business. The website has been optimised for dialogue, and pricing is also made for it: Questions and answers are free of charge for people and organisations. For the additional self-presentation of an organization in a fairness profile , that organization determines its own annual fee, everyone accepts the regulation. my[fair]product does not pursue any other sales model: no commissions, no eCommerce, no advertising. In addition, my[fair]product is designed for the long term, a sale or a fundamentally new concept in core questions is excluded.

Commercial use of data

Many internet platforms use information for their business models that people have left to them for completely different purposes. We find this questionable. In order for your organization to be credibly represented at my[fair]product, my[fair]product refrains from doing anything that could harm its own credibility with people. Pursueing their activities on my[fair]product, people can be absolutely certain that their data will never be analyzed or passed on for commercial purposes. And, of course, your organization can also be sure that it has the information sovereignty over all its own content.