Reduced Effort

How to report on fairness more easily than with my[fair]product?


Publish content with little effort in the my[fair]product Fairness Profile. The Fairness Profile is specially designed to present the activities of your company in an optimal way - no matter in which standard you report. You can create as many articles as you like, format them freely and add media to them. This saves you time-consuming development and maintenance of your own web pages.


my[fair]product is an information and dialogue tool: People read your articles and can ask you directly about them. Instead of answering each question individually, you have the opportunity to develop further the content of your existing contributions. This not only keeps your Fairness Profile up to date, but also saves a lot of effort in the stakeholder dialogue.


In case of new events in your Fairness Profile, e.g. votings of your posts by people or new questions, you will automatically be notified by email. So you can devote yourself to your company in peace and still increase your credibility with fast response times.

Become Visible

In addition, your Fairness Profile at my[fair]product is located on an internet platform that provides a maximum offer in terms of topics, industries and countries and thus becomes an information source for fairness information for people worldwide. As soon as a search term matches your content, people will find your articles and become aware of you. The website is consistently responsive. Therefore, this applies equally to users with desktop computers and mobile devices.


my[fair]product is not just an internet platform. my[fair]product presents itself at exhibitions, takes part in regional events, organizes lectures, cooperates with universities and much more. What's special: As an intermediary with a high degree of credibility, the only aim is always to promote dialogue between people and companies and to address fairness issues which are present on the platform. Benefit from this extensive communication and educational work on fairness in value creation.