Is this for me? What can my organization do?

All Organizations

Every organization that contributes to global value creation is invited to share its views and activities on fairness in business with other people at my[fair]product. In this way, it contributes to knowledge building and education and demonstrates its openness to enter into dialogue with people and to discuss and shape fairness in business together. The legal form of the organisation is irrelevant: an organisation can be a company, e.g. a private limited company or a Public Company. However, it can also work as a registered association or foundation or have any legal form not explicitly mentioned here. Every legal entity, also within corporate groups, is represented independently on my[fair]product.

Dialogue between People and Organizations

The core of my[fair]product is the dialogue between people and organizations about fairness in business. my[fair]product provides suitable technical means for this purpose. In addition, registered organizations are automatically notified by e-mail when people ask them a question. Questioners and people who support a question also automatically receive an e-mail message when the organization answers the question.

Fairness Profile

Organizations have the opportunity to present themselves beyond answers with a fairness profile. At the core of this profile are statements on fairness issues. Existing reports in any format can be used, e.g. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Balance Sheet issued by the International Association of the Economy for the Common Good (GWÖ), ISO 26000, any national sustainability reports or the 10-point catalogue by Transparency International et.al. All contributions can be attractively arranged with pictures and diagrams. The profile also offers the option of publishing master data, locations, a brief description, certificates or seals, registered trademarks, cooperation partners as well as customers and suppliers. Each organization decides for itself on the scope of the information it discloses in its profile.


A special element of the Fairness Profile is the option to present the organization embedded within its network of cooperation partners and business partners. It is good to make one's own fair activities public, but much better to anchor this in a network with similarly thinking organizations. For this purpose, each organization can publicly name general cooperation partners, suppliers and customers in its profile. All named business partners are informed about this listing and are also invited to create a fairness profile. In this way, people not only learn what your organisation is doing good, but you also help people understand that your work is embedded in a larger context - that is convincing! Since certain business relationships can also bring competitive advantages and should remain secret, the following naturally applies: Each organization decides for itself whether and which part of its network it publishes.


my[fair]product would like to contribute to people and organizations discussing and negotiating values and shaping the future on this basis. For this purpose, the opinions of many people must be captured. Although the debate on the content of individual issues is indispensable for this, it can only reflect mood images in large groups insufficiently. Therefore, people can support other people's questions that are also important to them, and can vote on all fairness statements and responses from organisations as convincing or unconvincing. The result is shown in your Fairness Profile in the form of "Happies": Number of convinced people divided by the number of votes cast. And you receive direct feedback as to whether your content convinces people.