Price List and Payment Conditions

Premises of Pricing

Together with their clients, my[fair]product perceive themselves as a community to foster dialogue, fairness and consciousness across worldwide supply chains.
All participating organizations are aware of the fact that my[fair]product can implement a.m. activities the better the more fees they receive.
Organizations pay for presenting themselves with a Fairness Profile on my[fair]product.
Following the idea that big organizations can contribute proportionally more than small organizations, the turnover serves as a reference for determining the fee.
The yearly fee includes the usage of any and all of those tools that are not free of usage. Cost scaling based on actually used tools or single features is not possible.
Every year, my[fair]product defines a reference value for the fee as well as a revenue threshold. The actual yearly fee is solely determined by the paying organization. Reference value and threshold may guide the organization when finding an appropriate fee.
All participating organizations declare to agree to this pricing approach.

Price of Dialogue Tool

Usage of the Dialogue Tool is free of charge.

Price of all other Tools

Payment of a fee is optional for organizations with a yearly revenue below EUR 250.000 and freely chosen.
Organizations with a yearly revenue bigger than or equal to EUR 250.000 choose their fee independently. The fee for these organizations must be bigger than 0 (zero) EU.
Independent of invoicing frequency, the chosen fee is valid for one (1) year.

Payment Conditions and Invoicing

The yearly fee is payable in advance, due 14 days after invoicing.
A fee up to EUR 120 is invoiced yearly.
A fee bigger than or equal to EUR 120 is invoiced monthly at 1/12 of the yearly fee or yearly.

Further Provisions

All prices, especially the yearly fee defined in the contract, are to be understood excluding VAT.
Within the scope of defining the yearly fee, every organization informs my[fair]product about their approximate yearly revenue. This information is handled confidentially and serves solely to determine reference value and revenue threshold on a yearly base.
Banking fees to be payed by paying organizations. Incoming payments must at least correspond to the due invoiced amount.